Social Cybersecurity: How to BEND a universe

Episode Summary

We talk with Dr Kathleen Carley about social cybersecurity and the challenges and promise of developing understandings and technologies on how to manage the safety of online discourse.

Episode Notes

About our Guest:

Papers mentioned in this episode:

Carley, K. M. (2020). Social cybersecurity: an emerging science. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 26(4), 365-381

The Advertisement at the end was from the mid 1990s (1995) and was used to advertise the America Online (AOL) web service.  Even in Australia everyone ended up with dozens of AOL CDs that were supposed to help us get online somehow.  

The Audio from the start of the episode is from the Prelinger Archive.  A Movie from 1968 explaining the US perspective on the use of Psychological Operations (PsyOps) in another country to influence the feelings of the populace.