To PhD or not to PhD: What is it to doctorate in cybercrime and should you ?

Episode Summary

What is it like to study a doctorate in cybercrime or cybersecurity and should you think about doing one? With the help of five people that are well on their way to a phd in their respective fields, we will attempt to find out more about the adventure of a doctorate in cyber. In a three-part mini-series we share some perspectives on the experience of this level of study. In the first part of the we look at the decision to start, why would you, why shouldn't you and what is different about doing a doctorate in cyber.

Episode Notes

Episode Notes

About our guests:

Allysa Czerwinsky

Diana Benitez

Kwasi Boakye-Boateng

Rachel Bleiman

Shabnam Saderi

Vicky Desjardins💫vicky-desjardins-208134221/