Twenty 22

Episode Summary

What happened and what can we hope for in 2022 ? For this new year's day special episode we are joined by Dr Jin Lee, Assistant Professor at George Mason University; Dr David Buil-Gil, Lecturer at the University of Manchester; Dr Bridget Harris, Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia; and Dr Cathy Marcum Professor at Apalacian State University about what was notable in 2021 and what their hopes are for the new year.

Episode Notes

About Our Guests

(In Order of Appearance) 

Dr. Jin Lee

Dr. David Buil-Gil

Dr. Bridget Harris


Dr. Cathy Marcum



 I will be honest with you, the mix on this episode is a little rough, forgive me for rushing it a little. 

'Bisney' isn't a word. 'Busy' is what I was aiming for there.   

This episode's track is called ONOSCOMOSOMO. They don't all get names, but this one did.